Saturday, July 3, 2010

It was a thought

One of you may remember a post from several months ago. I'm surprised that I do. The post had something to do with cluttered desks. Then someone noticed something further about the picture. Friday I was making my appointed rounds lurking stalking, when Jane's post bit me on the caught my eye.
I was inspired.
I could take along one of the critters whenever I travel and include it in pictures to prove I really took the picture.
Then I had another thought.
I would be placing the critter so that it didn't entirely detract from the photo. Some bystander would say, "Hey mister. Nice doll!"


  1. But which one will you take? I'd feel sorry for the ones left behind.

  2. Tomorrow I may take the one Jane named Patriotic Ass Bob.

    Maybe we should everyone should vote for "who goes with IT?"


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