Friday, May 10, 2013

11 questions?

I guess the best way to do this is to show you the questions?
This is how they appeared

Seven is a good number
It's easier than anything but six, five, four, three, two, or one
Here's one:
  1. My favorite sports team pretty much relates to whatever season it is
    - right now it is the San Francisco Giants If this were November it would be the 49ers
    During the lull between baseball and football, I actually follow and cheer on the Golden State Warriors and the San Jose Sharks
    I have also been known to root for the San Jose Earthquakes
    I have a favorite college, whose teams get my support
    But right now I have pretty much settle on baseball until football starts grabbing my attention sometime in September and baseball will dominate because it's a game I played until the wheels fell off 
  2. Monday is soon enough... maybe tomorrow


Go ahead.
I dare ya!

who you callin' a goat head?

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from Uncle Skip

An award

An award
From A Daft Scots Lass

" magnificent ba$tard!"

" magnificent ba$tard!"
from Ol' AF Sarge

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copy this
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