Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maybe I should do this all at once

That way it isn't necessary to go back to see what I've already posted
I have to find a place to hang the award now
I suppose I should put it with the rest of them down at the bottom of the page
It will look good by the Bacon
First, though, it gets a couple of day of top billing on the sidebar
A to Z is done... thank goodness
It started well enough, but toward the end it was a bit tedious
I probably won't do it again.
At least not formally
About the only plus is I have more tiny heads on the sidebar
And pageviews were up almost 50%

Since I only do this for me, that's pretty amazing

Oh I suppose I should tell you what I am doing to completely earn this award?

Okay... so that's two out of the way

The way I figure it, it will be June by the time I'm finished


Go ahead.
I dare ya!

who you callin' a goat head?

Robin gifted me this

...and this, too!

Robyn gifted me this

Apryl presented this one


from Uncle Skip

An award

An award
From A Daft Scots Lass

"...you magnificent ba$tard!"

"...you magnificent ba$tard!"
from Ol' AF Sarge

Put it back where it started!!!

copy this

copy this
stick it anywhere

set things right