Friday, May 3, 2013

If I had to make a choice...

I don't know which of these I would pick for today's post

"...there is nothing especially laudable about working your ass off on the 12 Steps.  In fact, I'm reminded of a saying attributed to Bill Wilson: 'Congratulating an alcoholic for not drinking is a little bit like praising a cowboy with hemorrhoids for staying off the horse.' "
~ MS
When a soldier is killed in the line of duty, his family eventually gets a flag and a note conveying sympathy and respect and  from the  United States Government.

When a Black pro basketball player announces he is gay, he immediately gets a personal phone call from the President congratulating him for his courage.
Am I missing something?

I'm glad I don't have to choose today


  1. Yeah, I'd had a hard time choosing, as well.

  2. No you're not missing anything. We have a new batch of idiots in Washington DC and they are out of control. Idiots is closer.

    Have a terrific day. :)


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