Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Somebody slipped me another award

At least I think it's an award because when it was presented he called me a magnificent %@$+@&*
That is almost as complimentary as being called a demented %@$+@&*
I live for those moments when my real talents are recognized

That's exactly how it was presented here
I gotta say nice things about him because he's a loyal stalker  follower

There are a lot of others who were also honored
I agree with the Sarge
They earned it


  1. I'll take "magnificent" over "demented" any day. But of course, I'm thinking "magnificent, demented ba$tard" would be the ultimate compliment. YMMV.

  2. Thx, Ivan, I somehow almost missed this.

  3. Some pol once said "he might be an SOB, but he's OUR SOB." Is that kinda like bein' a magnificent bastard? (insert smiley-face thingie here)

    1. Be careful how you use those initials, Buck.
      There's an SOB in the room.

    2. I'm picturing Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, and five other guys riding over the hill with wide eyes and big grins... The Magnificent Demented B_ _ _ _ _ _s.

  4. Unlike that thing you tried to foist on me a while back, I accepted the one from The Sarge. The reason is because it came with no strings attached (and, also, I'm a sucker for seals in uniform.)

  5. Foist?


    It wasn't foist

    I got no idea who was foist

    I know there was at least four or five of us who were before you

    I knew the Navy has SEALS

    This was the first AF seal I ever saw

  6. Another fekking award?! Yer definitely lickin the right arses.


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