Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Still on the short list

The Daft Scots Lass is was way too easy on those to whom she presented the award
First off, she didn't give a time limit, and
Secondly, there are only seven questions to answer

That's exactly how she put it (it's a screen capture)
We're on number five now
I have no idea what the answer is
What I mean is this blog is it, unless email and telephoning count
I just don't know why, other than it's the closest thing to having a job that I do
I really don't like writing emails or talking on a phone
Oh goodness, face to face... I really do like face to face conversations and meeting new people
That would be my favorite social platform
Blogging is a poor substitute
But I have met some pretty fine people here


  1. I kinda like Twitter, too. I follow a lot o' hockey writers, a few pols, and some friends... but I rarely tweet, myself. The blog is my rant outlet. (insert smiley face thingie here)

  2. I'm an Instagram Whore, I Tweet daily and have time to pop into Pinterest...

  3. Oh, Lordy, I'm so behind in my visiting. I hope to hell she didn't name me as one of the people to do it. I like her too much to be my usual nasty self when replying to such things.

    1. I'd be willing to bet, Sully, that she can take whatever you can dish

    2. Suldawg, Don't feel too rejected that you didn't make the blog award list this time around. It'll have to be one fucking special award for you.


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