Sunday, May 12, 2013

How long's this been goin' on

I looked at the whatsit page
Where the statistical stuff and nuts & bolts of the blog are kept
Suddenly the numbers of pageviews are up by about 50%
I'm thinking it was that little exercise I did last month, corresponding letters of the alphabet with blog posts
I also notice I have a bunch more followers on the sidebar
I'm sorry
I think you may be disappointed
That may not be until after I have completed the current exercise
Today's post is not a part of that
Most bloggers do responses to those awards in one continuous post
I'm not prone to following rules unless I've made them
I also try to watch my language
We'll get back to answering questions tomorrow

BTW - uncle Skip stole a graphic from my sidebar the other day on Friday

Go read it


  1. I like your take on rules. Never been a big rules guy myself. (So how did I manage to do 24 years in the Air Force? Simple. It was the Air Force.)


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An award
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" magnificent ba$tard!"
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